Committeeship FAQ

I have an Enduring Power of Attorney, should I get a Committeeship?

• An Enduring Power of Attorney is made so that it will continue to be in effect after an individual becomes incapable. It is made while the individual is still capable. A Committeeship is only granted after the patient becomes incapable. However they have similar authority over the individuals affairs. Generally you will not need to seek a Committeeship if you have a binding Enduring Power of Attorney.

If Committeeship is granted can I resign later if I am no longer able to handle the responsibility?

• If the court appoints a replacement Committee then the original Committeeship is terminated.

What happens if the patient gets better and I am no longer needed to act on their behalf?

• You can apply to the court with 10 days notice to the Public Guardian and Trustee for discharge of the Committeeship.

Will I be paid for the time I work as Committee?

• Under the Patients Property Act Committees are entitled to reasonable compensation for the work they do. The compensation needs to be approved by the Public Guardian and Trustee before being paid.