Bicycle Accidents

All cyclists know that being hit by a car will cause serious injuries. If it happens to you, you are entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, your lost wages, and your future income losses.

Your bike accident claim is always unique, but there are some common elements to every bike accident.

You have to prove the driver was at fault. For example it is a violation of the Motor Vehicle Act to ride your bike across a pedestrian crosswalk. ICBC will say you caused the accident. We can help you show you did not.

ICBC will say that your injuries are partly your own fault. For example if you hurt your head in a bike accident and were not wearing a helmet ICBC will say that the head injury is partly your fault. We know how to defend you when ICBC makes these allegations.

You have to prove you were injured and that the injuries were from the bike accident. Injuries in bike accidents are different from car accidents. The occupant of a car is usually restrained by a seatbelt and is often thrown back and forth. A cyclist is usually thrown sideways.

Injuries often include:

  • •Unconsciousness;
  • •Concussions;
  • •Cracked or broken ribs;
  • •Injuries to the knees and shoulders; and
  • •Road burn.