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About Bellamy Law

When you hire Bellamy Law, you will receive thoughtful and professional legal representation from lawyers who have the experience to protect your rights and your interests. We understand the value of quality service and deliver personal attention throughout every aspect of our practice.

Issues with Death, Disability, or Divorce can be immensely complex and drag on for years. You need someone that advocates  for your interests, explains what is happening, and helps you through the process. Not only that, but you need experienced lawyers who are able to critically review balance sheets and statements of income and expenses.

The lawyers of Bellamy Law have a combined 51 years of work experience. When you hire any lawyer with Bellamy Law you will receive thoughtful and experienced legal representation.

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Why Choose Bellamy Law

We will explain – the process clearly, guide you through the difficulties that you face, and advocate for what you deserve.

Transparency – We know that legal matters can be complicated, we do our best to make sure our clients know what is happening, why, and what their options are every step of the way.

Cost Effectiveness – Hiring lawyers is expensive. We do our best to keep costs down. If you ever have questions about your bill or how time is spent, feel free to ask.

Results-Driven – We focus on the results you want and will give advice based on that even if it is difficult to hear it.

Truthful – Sometimes clients have unreasonable expectations. Sometimes the evidence is just not there. We may not tell you exactly what you want to hear but we will tell you what you need to know before making a decision. If a claim or application has a low probability of success, we would rather tell you before you spend the time, energy, and money, rather than a judge tell you after.

How We Work With You

  • We run a conflict search on everyone involved as we cannot act against our clients or former clients.
  • We schedule a quick phone call to gather basic information about you and your case to determine if we can help, as well as if there are any unique circumstances that we need to research before our first meeting.
  • We meet for your 45 min free consultation. We will talk about your legal issues in greater detail. During this meeting we will generally have discussed your options and how to proceed with your matter.
  • Should all parties decide to move forward a retainer agreement is signed, and in some cases a retainer is paid in advance. A retainer agreement is a contract between you, the client, and us, the lawyers. In some cases, a retainer agreement is not always required, but it depends on how long your case is expected to take.
  • We will begin work on your file.

We specialise in family law, divorce, civil partnerships, prenuptial agreements

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