CHILD SUPPORTParents have a legal duty to support their children.

Child Support

Parents have a legal duty to support their children whatever the parenting arrangements. It does not matter if the parents were spouses.


If a Child lives with one parent more than 60% of the time, then that parent is entitled to receive the table amount of child support. The table amount refers to the Federal Child Support Guidelines. The table amount is determined by the number of children and payor’s income.

In 2023 the table amount for one child and the payor having an annual income of:

    1. $50,000 is: $470 per month;
    2. $75,000 is: $716 per month; and
    3. $100,000 is $946 per month.

If a Child lives with both parents roughly equally, each parent having more than 40% of the time, or if one parent has one child the majority of the time, and the other parent has another child the majority of the time the court may not necessarily apply the table amount of child support. The court will assess the means, needs, and circumstances of the parties to determine what amount, if any, is fair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a child?

A ‘Child’ includes, people under the age of 19 with some exceptions as well as people over the age of 19 that are unable to care for themselves by reason of illness, disability or another reason such as post secondary education.

What if I think the other parent's income is too low?

You can seek an order imputing income. See blog post imputing income.

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